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Survival Tips & Info - Page 4
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PAGE 1 - PAGE 2 - PAGE 3 - PAGE 4 - PAGE 5 - PAGE 6 Tip 010 - Practice Making Fire!
Practice Making Fire! - ...Before you have to learn the hard way! I know your city probably has a "No Burning" ordinance, but that's the perfect excuse for you to take a drive to the woods this weekend. Bring the family and teach them fire safety while you're at it. Practice collecting tinder (dry grass or wood smaller than a pencil's diameter), kindling (dry wood between pencil and thumb in thickness), and fuel wood (bigger, mostly dry sticks)... Always collect more than you think you need for the night. Practice building fire rings that allow you to cook, block the wind, and are easily controlled. Knowing that you can make a fire will make you much more able to assess an emergency situation... and will also make you really popular. Tip 011 - Know The Terrain!
Know The Terrain! - Of course you can't always have a map of the area you're stuck in, but if we accept that most accidents happen close to home, then we must accept our responsibility to be well aware of our surroundings near our home. Learning to read maps, particularly topographic maps, will give you the ability to accurately plan and assess your circumstances, but it will also familiarize you with different geologic features and the cardinal directions (North, South, East, West), especially if you bring along a compass. This is another skill that is best not learned the hard way, but remember: reading a map incorrectly can be more dangerous than not having one! Tip 012 - Don't Eat Unidentified Mushrooms!
Don't Eat Unidentified Mushrooms! - Unless you are absolutely sure of what you're doing, don't just gobble up mushrooms in the wild. There are quite a few that are extremely bad for you. Some edible species look an awful lot like unrelated poisonous species and can seriously ruin your day. Morels are very unique (and delicious), and once you know what they look like you can eat 'em up, but other types can destroy your liver in 24 hours, which, obviously, is bad. Go out and learn the difference between the good mushrooms and the bad mushrooms... or don't mess with them.
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