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Survival Tips & Info - Page 3
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Use A Tarp! - In my humble opinion, tents are good for two things: filling with water and blowing into the river. In most (if not all) cases, a tarp will do the trick. Carry a 6'x8' or 8'x10' tarp folded in your pack and include some cam straps or parachute cord. You can get fancy with your setup or you can just roll up inside it and sleep through the big storm, depending on how much setup time you have. Yes, you are bit more exposed to bugs, but in a survival situation you can eat those! If you're travelling with others you can combine tarps to create a bigger shelter. Tip 008 - 10" of Snow = 1" of Water!
10" of Snow = 1" of Water! - Collecting snow is a good way to get drinking water, but knowing how much it will provide can help you decide how much effort to expend gathering it up. Fill your water bottle, a coffee can, a bucket... Whatever's handy. Warm it slowly and remember that it requires less energy (heat) to add snow to warm water and melt it down than it does to try to melt a pan full of all snow.Eating snow can do the trick too, but you should let it melt in your mouth before swallowing it to avoid being injured by ice when you swallow... Try to make sure it's not yellow... But you knew that. Tip 009 - Know Your Animal Tracks!

Know Your Animal Tracks! - Knowing which animal left those tracks, knowing which direction it was headed in, knowing whether or not you can eat it, and knowing whether or not it can kill you... These can be very valuable things to know. Study the animals in your area. Birds, rodents, large mammals, reptiles, even insects can be eaten in a survival situation, and may be the difference between life and death. Follow birds (except vultures) and large mammals in the late afternoon / early evening and they may lead you to water. Insects are a great source of protein and energy and should not be ignored. Remove their legs (many of which have spines that tickle the esophogus) before eating and mash them up to make them more palatable (less disgusting).



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