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About Colorado Survival and Our Courses is your link to hands-on, real-world wilderness survival training. Full-day and multi-day courses offer you the opportunity to learn the basics and work yourself up to the methods used by natives, soldiers, pioneers, and adventurers to stay alive and well when away from the conveniences of the modern world. Visit the Course Schedules Page for scheduling and availability.
Our courses take place in the mountains of Colorado at 9000'+ above sea level on private property surrounded by thousands of acres of National Forest. Weather, altitude, terrain, and other factors make mountain survival a real challenge, and if you can survive here you can survive virtually anywhere. Due to the nature of the subject matter, rain, wind, and other bad weather conditions do not delay the courses very much. We proceed with the program regardless of weather conditions, and in most cases this contributes greatly to a student's learning (there's nothing more motivating than a thunder storm when building a shelter!).
We do set up an open air rain-free zone for class time, note taking, and review of materials, but a wise survival student brings some rain gear along. As a matter of fact, you should have a look at the What To Bring List and follow it closely to ensure that you have a full, fun, and productive learning session. If you need help finding or acquiring the "What To Bring" items, please email us: and we can help.
Many of our courses can be modified to meet your custom needs. We also offer Private Group Instruction, Remote Instruction (at YOUR location), and "One On One" Instruction. Contact Us to discuss your group's details. Due to the inherent dangers involved with many outdoor activities, all participants in any session are required to complete and sign a general liability release form.
Your primary instructor is Todd O'Brien, who was trained by US AirForce Survival Instructor Peter Kummerfeldt, certified as a big game guide and tracker by the Colorado Outdoor Adventure Guide School, certified as a whitewater raft guide in the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area, Colorado P.U.C. certified as an off-road tour guide, First-Aid and CPR certified, and lived-in-the-middle-of-no-place-for-nearly-a-decade certified, among other things. Todd is never content to simply lecture, and instead will combine information, demonstration, and participation to ensure that you take these skills home with you, helping you to be ready to act if an emergency arises.
Depending on the course you choose, class size, and other factors, there may be assistant instructors as well. We make every effort to provide a safe environment but remember: Mountains can be dangerous. All students are required to complete a liability release form and in some cases may require a physical pre-screening.
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